Jul 30, 2014

FBI Honors Detective from Ridgewood for Cracking Gas Station Courier Robbery

Two Mahwah Police detectives received awards at a special ceremony at the Newark FBI Headquarters this week.

FBI Honors Detective from Ridgewood for Cracking Gas Station Courier Robbery

A police officer from Ridgewood was one of two Mahwah Police Detectives honored by the FBI this week for their role in solving a strong armed robbery in the township last year, Mahwah Police Chief Jim Batelli announced in a release Thursday.

According to Batelli, Detectives Guido Bussinelli, of Ridgewood, and Kevin Herbert were honored for their “diligence and hard work” in investigating  the robbery of a courier for Valero gas station.

Six people were apprehended and five indicted in April after police said they “savagely beat” the courier and stole $60,000 that he had picked up from local gas stations and was in the process of delivering to the ADDP headquarters in Mahwah, Batelli said. 

The investigation included reviewing surveillance video tapes from numerous retail stores and gas stations, conducting interviews, and analyzing cell phone records in conjunction with the FBI, Batelli said.

Special Agent Aaron Ford honored the two detectives at a luncheon at the FBI Newark Headquarters Wednesday, Baetlli said. Members of the Police Department and Mahwah Mayor Bill Laforet attended the ceremony.

Batelli commended the duo for solving the case despite having very little information at the start.

“It was a combination of knocking on doors, interviewing numerous people and modern day technology that helped close the case,” he said.

“The partnership with FBI is a valued one and their assistance played a critical role in the investigation.”

Laforet also congratulated the two officers in the release, saying “their work typifies the excellent reputation of the Police Department and the type of work they do everyday.”

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