Jul 29, 2014
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Developer Wants Zoning Change for Duplexes

Local housing developer Joe Polaco's initial plans for single family homes have been scrapped due to the borough reassessment. He is now looking to build a pair of duplexes on Park Avenue

Developer Wants Zoning Change for Duplexes

Several months ago, Joe Polaco had intended to build a pair of 2500-square-foot houses along Park Avenue but following the borough's reassessment, those plans changed and this week has requested a conditional zoning change for that property to allow duplexes on site.

"We're asking the council to entertain an ordinance making duplex homes a conditional use in the zone," Polaco's attorney Thomas Barrett said. "The railroad is the rear boundary of the property and most of the neighboring lots are two family homes."

Polaco has proposed utiliting the 7500-square-foot property, comprised of two lots, to feature a pair of two-and-a-half story duplexes with each side of the duplex including a one car garages.

"Due to the revaluation and assessment shifting from the land to improvements, the estimated taxes for a single family home are near $20,000 per home," Barrett said. "Mr. Polaco believes he could market the duplexes at $400,000 which would generate $14,000 in taxes per home, $28,000 per lot."

"The units would be individually owned and cared for," Polaco added. "And regarding drainage, it would be put into place for a single family home should be overly adequate but would be reviewed and additional seepage pits can be added."

Necessary drainage would be a concern for the area because the property backs up a steep downgraded slope to the railroad tracks. Also any construction may have to include the installation of a retaining wall or leveling the area. The duplexes would most likely have three bedrooms and storage space behind the garage. Preliminary plans also call for a rear deck.

Cereste is expected to present a draft ordinance for the zoning change at a future council meeting. If approved, the ordinance would still require approval from the Planning Board before Polaco could begin any construction work on the site.

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