Jul 29, 2014

Full Day Kindergarten Could Be Coming to Oradell

All Oradell residents are encouraged to take part in the Board of Education's attached survey

Full Day Kindergarten Could Be Coming to Oradell

The has created a committee to determine whether or not a Full Five Day Kindergarten Program should be implemented in for the 2012-2013 school year. 

"As part of a data collection process, the Board created a survey which was sent to parents and guardians of all OPS students," interim superintendent Dr. Maria Nuccetelli said. "We're also looking to give the opportunity for everyting in the community to share their thoughts as well." 

Presently, kindergarteners have a full day three days a week and are separated into Group A and B for two half days - resulting in half of the class staying in school while the other half go home. 

As such, the Board of Education has asked that all residents in the borough of Oradell take part in the attached survey and return their responses to the Board of Education via emailing boe@oradellschool.org by Feb. 3.

In addition to the survey, a Public Hearing is scheduled for February 1, 7 to 9pm in the OPS Auditorium to solicit additional feedback from the public. 

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