Jul 28, 2014
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Digging the Snow in the R-FH Area

Officials caution to clear your walkways and cars

The forecasted snowfall hit the Rumson-Fair Haven area, but it wasn't quite the blizzard that was anticipated.

Still, several inches of snow fell; and, no sooner did it hit the ground than people in the area knew they needed to get out and clear their walkways, driveways and cars.

Borough ordinances in both towns mandate that there is a clear path on sidewalks within 24 hours.

Well, if you didn't have a snowblower, a neighborly neighor to help or were not physically fit to do the job, two R-FH students were out and about in Fair Haven today to help get the job done.

For $40 Robbie List and Zoe Gallaher can dig and snowblow you out of your driveway and clear your walk and steps. They split the profits. The two are very polite and accommodating and they're helping seniors for free.

In fact, they were headed to Mrs. Suggs' house early this afternoon. Mrs. Suggs is Fair Haven's centennarian.

In addition to the duo getting private homes cleared, the borough has its own snow removal plan in place.

Three familar Fair Havenites were recently hired part-time to do some snow plowing. "We're set," Fair Haven Mayor Ben Lucarelli said. "And we haven't touched our snow removal budget at all yet, so we're still working well within our limits."

Take a look at List and Gallaher's work. And keep watch for them in case you need them. They're around.

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