23 Aug 2014
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UPDATE: Drug Bust in Fair Haven

The following information was obtained directly from Fair Haven Police Department records. It does not indicate convictions.

UPDATE: Drug Bust in Fair Haven

Two men from Fair Haven and one from Rumson are facing drug possession charges stemming from a September incident.

The incident occurred on Sept. 13 when "a Poplar Avenue resident called police to report a suspicious vehicle with three men getting in and out of the car (repeatedly)," Detective Stephen Schneider said.

Police responded and while questioning the men, allegedly spotted a white powdery substance (believed to be cocaine) in a small clear plastic baggie "in plain view," Schneider added.

The Monmouth County Sheriff's Officer Kroeper and K-9 Evan were called to the scene as well.

The Fair Haven officers on the scene — patrolmen Dwayne Reevey and William Lagrotteria and Sgt. Sherri Lambert — arrested the men: Paul J. Kaltenborn, 37, of Fair Haven; Jordan Harris, 23, of Fair Haven; and Michael J. Gaynor, 28, of Rumson.

Each was charged with possession of CDS (controlled dangerous substance). 

Gaynor was also allegedly in possession of under 50 grams of marijuana and charged for that offense as well. 

All three were released pending a court date. 

The white powdery substance was sent to a lab for testing, Schneider said, which will determine exactly what it is.

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