Jul 28, 2014
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The FH Power Update: More Lights On

Alabama Power out in force and at work restoring electricity

The FH Power Update: More Lights On The FH Power Update: More Lights On The FH Power Update: More Lights On The FH Power Update: More Lights On

The latest from Fair Haven Mayor Ben Lucarelli is that power should be restored to 95 percent of the borough by Saturday.

Now, more signs of light are being seen throughout the borough, Forman Street being the latest Patch heard about after last night’s connection of parts of River Road, Hance Road and some side streets off Hance.

Residents will be seeing more of Alabama Power crew members out and about in neighborhoods, Lucarelli said.

“These guys are very good at what they do,” he added. “There are 20 plus trucks out there and engineers and assessors for each one of the crews working. And there are more on the way. I’m told they have a reputation for being very deliberate and astute in their actions and we’re lucky to have them. They got Middletown and other towns up and running in no time. They’ll be working until 7 p.m. tonight and then will be back out there early in the morning.”

Lucarelli explained that a reason for some delay is that the crews have found that the grid in Fair Haven is a complex one with different voltages, rather than all the same, which is easier to deal with, making the process of reconnection more expedient. 

“We don’t want any accidents with electrical power, so these guys are being extremely diligent about making certain that the different voltages are dealt with and that doesn’t happen,” the mayor said.

He added that Assemblyman Declan O’Scanlon has been putting a lot of pressure on JCP&L to get the job done.

“Yes, we should be mostly restored by Saturday,” Lucarelli concluded.

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