21 Aug 2014
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Newsworthy: What's the Story in R-FH?

What's been going on and what people are talking about

Newsworthy: What's the Story in R-FH? Newsworthy: What's the Story in R-FH?

Well, R-FHers, what a week it’s been since the Fourth of July. There may have been no fireworks, but there was enough action to light up the sky. And there’s more news to come. So, in keeping with the holiday and emergency mayhem that's kept everyone a bit off-kilter, we're running "Newsworthy ..." mid-week this week.

Up to now …

It all started when the went kaput with a bridge collapse and so did area residents’ and under a boil-water advisory. Now , but you can’t water the lawn. I think we’ll live. What’d your moms always say about those starving children in third world countries?

Then there was something else R-FHers can all live without, but don’t want to. Rumsonites and Fair Havenites this year were missing the big boom of fireworks past. No, there were (really 3rd). Mayor John Ekdahl had said that without a KaBoom! show in Red Bank, Rumson could not only not afford the price — minus the bulk discount normally shared with Red Bank — but could never handle overflow crowds from Red Bank trying to catch a show somewhere near.

Will there be fireworks in Rumson next year? How about Red Bank? No one will say if or when the prospect will be bandied about again.

Then there was the tragic incident over the weekend of a New York woman leaving the beach in Monmouth Beach and while walking the sea wall. The woman died on Sunday.

Well, with the water emergency and the holiday, we put some of our regular and expected features on hold.

The leftovers …

• “What’s Cookin’?” is coming back to Patch on Friday. Stay tuned to see what we’ll feature. We’ve checked out unique in the area, interesting and people on the way, such as the ever-popular, R-FH’s beloved science and ballroom dance teacher. Hey, we’ve seen Mr. Giffin since the feature story and we may just do a little “Where’s George?” piece.

Where do you see him around town? Snap a photo and send it to us. He’s a hometown celebrity who loves to chat and share anecdotes. Give us his quote of the day and send a photo. We’ll do the same … whenever or wherever we see him. Saw him at the Fair Haven Centennial Celebration. Saw his daughter in the Acme. Where will he show up next?

• We’ve been trying to catch up with Rumson Police Chief Rick Tobias. He has stories to tell. Saw him briefly at a Rumson-Sea Bright Bridge meeting, where he said he was retiring in a couple of weeks. That was a couple of weeks ago. We’re trying to find out who will replace him and see if he’d agree to a sit-down and story on his life and times as a Rumson officer. People would enjoy that. In the meantime, all the best to you chief! Enjoy your retirement!

So far this week …

• The Fair Haven Borough Council meeting was cancelled after everyone assembled for it. Couldn’t be helped. There was no quorum (not enough council members present) to conduct the meeting, by law. It has been re-scheduled for tomorrow at 6 p.m. at Borough Hall.

We do know what to expect, though.

*Fair Haven, as the lead agency in the new Rumson-Fair Haven Municipal Alliance to Prevent Drug and Alcohol Abuse, is expected to appoint, by resolution, a program coordinator, who will source grants and, well, coordinate the program. She’s not from this area, but, according to officials, comes to the job well-qualified. A resolution establishing the interlocal agreement for the Alliance is also on the agenda.

*Bike paths are coming to town. The borough is in the process of getting a plan underway to incorporate them into the StreetScape program by “establishing and adopting,” via resolution, a Complete Streets policy. Such a policy will set in motion the parameters for making the streets more cyclist- and pedestrian-friendly.

* There are other meeting tidbits we’ll be sure to fill you in on.

• Everyone knows by know that has secured himself a spot as a swimmer in the summer Olympics. We’ve been collecting photos of signs that show hometown pride in the Olympian. If we haven’t included yours yet, send us a shot and we’ll get it . We got a few new ones. Check them out.

And, of course, when Jaeger and his dad, Fair Haven Councilman Eric Jaeger, get back from London, we’ll talk to them about their experience.

• Rumson residents are buzzing about affordable housing. They’re not too pleased about Rumson taking necessary steps to meet its affordable housing obligation of 89 units in the next several years.

Do you know what the guidelines really are and what it all means? No, it’s not the same as Section 8 housing; and you just may be surprised to find out how high a median income is in Monmouth County. We’ll fill you in.

is another issue in town that we’re talking to people about.

• All has been quiet on the contentious issue of the whose contract was not renewed. No one’s been speaking up or sending emails about it lately. We do have the on what route — fighting mad or backing down — you think parents should take on the issue. We’ll let you know the results and any update we may have. Though, it is a personnel issue, the details of which are not to be revealed, legally.

• The are out and up on the site for the . We’ll be asking Detective Sgt. Jesse Dykstra and Chief Darryl Breckenridge about some trends people have asked about and we’ve noticed. For instance, are you familiar with something dubbed Ding Dong Ditch? It’s the ol’ ring the doorbell and run away scam and it’s irritating residents. We’ll see what the police have to say.

• As usual, watch for our photo galleries and, perhaps a “Now and Then” column on the oddities and fun facts of the past and present in the area.

Well, that’s all for now in R-FH land, friends and fans. Let us know if we’ve missed anything. Otherwise, we’ve got you covered at R-FH Patch!

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