Jul 29, 2014

Nearby: Unknown Person Turns on Faucet, Floods Vacant House

Shattered windshield, ransacked car also make this week's Red Bank police blotter.

Nearby: Unknown Person Turns on Faucet, Floods Vacant House
The following is a list of crimes reported in Red Bank between March 7 and March 13. The police blotter is provided directly by the Red Bank Police Department and is reproduced here, unedited.

Theft occurring on 3-7-14 at E. Newman Springs Rd. Victim reported that unknown person(s) stole license plate off of parked vehicle. Georgia Plate PQN7299. Sgt. Robert Clayton
Attempted Theft occurring at Newman Springs Rd. on 3-8-14. Victim reported seeing a black male subject enter parked vehicle. Upon approaching suspect he left. Glove compartment ransacked. Nothing reported missing at this time. Sgt. Robert Clayton. 
Criminal Mischief occurring at Branch Ave on 3-10-14. Victim reported that unknown person(s) turned faucet on in kitchen in vacant residence, which flooded the entire kitchen and basement. Ptl. Jorge Torres. 
Criminal Mischief occurring on 3-10-14 at Reckless Place. Victim reported that 
unknown person(s) shattered windshield on parked vehicle. Ptl. David Smith 
Criminal Mischief occurring between 3-11-14 and 3-12-14 at 141 West Front Street parking garage. Report of graffiti deployed on wall of garage by unknown person(s). Ptl. Shane Dengel.

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