Jul 28, 2014
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Real Men Wear Pink

The Rumson Fair Haven Regional High School boys lacrosse teams will wear pink and white practice pinnies for the rest of the season to promote early cancer detection.

Real Men Wear Pink Real Men Wear Pink

The (RFHRHS) boys varsity and junior varsity lacrosse teams are manning up to the responsibility of early cancer detection by sporting pink and white pinnies.

During one of the team’s practices, Lora Campbell, breast cancer survivor and Dale Oehler, President of the Youth Lacrosse program approached the players with an unusual gift and personal story that touched home with many of the players.

“I am a breast cancer survivor, so I told my story to the boys and told them how early detection saved my life,” explained Campbell. “That night the boys went home and asked their mom's if they had scheduled their mammograms, several mothers approached me to tell me how they had not scheduled their exams but were doing so since their son's asked them to do it.”

Once the pinnies were handed out, RFHRHS Lacrosse Coach, Reid Jackson, sent an email home to parents explaining the new pinnies and the boy’s reaction to them.  According to the email, “the boys embraced the new pinnies very maturely and were able to quickly associate some of the team’s directives to the early detection cause.”  

The bulldog’s new athletic gear will be worn during practices and before games for the rest of the 2012 lacrosse season.

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