Jul 29, 2014
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Six Skateboarders Arrested

Four juveniles and two adults cited

Six Skateboarders Arrested Six Skateboarders Arrested

Skateboarders are a common site next door in downtown Red Bank, especially at Riverside Gardens and Marine parks, where mostly teens can be seen grinding the rails and jumping the steps on most any dry day.

The parks have been common gathring spots for skateboarders from all over the area, including Rumson and Fair Haven skaters who are not supposed to be skating in the Fair Haven Acme parking lot or throughout town.The fun and games are, of course, illegal.

Four minors and two adults were recently arrested on West Front Street in violation of the borough's skateboarding ordinance.

Red Bank Police Chief Stephen McCarthy has said in the past that police aren't necessarily looking to cite anyone for skateboarding, especially if they're using it for transportation and not bothering pedestrians. Police will often warn violators but will resort to employing local law if need be.

On Dec. 6, Nicholas Dresch, 19, of Red Bank and Connor Walsh, 19, of Long Branch were arrested in the area of West Front Street for violating the skateboarding ordinance, police said. Also arrested were four juveniles, ages 15 to 17, from Red Bank, Ocean and Myrtle Beach, SC.

While skateboarders can pose a risk to pedestrians, the sport also can be quite costly to the borough. DPW Director Gary Watson has said Red Bank spent upwards of $30,000 in 2011 to repair public property that was damaged by skateboarders.

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