Jul 29, 2014

Turning in My Fair Haven Republican Party Membership

Turning in My Fair Haven Republican Party Membership
Turning in my Fair Haven Republican membership.

As life long Republican, strong supporters of GW Bush, staunch critic of Obama, voter for Governor Christie, our Republican Mayor and council members, member of the Fair haven Republican committee, it is with much regret that I will no longer support the Republican majority in this town.

Having now for months to deal with this borough, council and mayor, it is apparent they are either totally incompetent or indifferent.  

Dozens of complaints are being lodged daily from residents to the onslaught of builders in our neighborhoods who do not follow the basic laws of the town. One builder in particular, Atlantic Builders, has  racked up quite a reputation with the neighbors and is on record of having the most number of police and borough complaints being lodged against him.  However, this builder has managed now for years to go without as much as a fine.  

Having been to the most recent council meeting on March 24, 2014. (Minutes from the meeting should posted shortly on the borough website)  It was very apparent they are not and will not do anything to reign him in, although he manages to continuously break the noise and tree ordinance, construction sight safety, soil run off problems..etc.as well as blocking entire neighborhoods for up to 40 minutes, when children are trying to bike to school, residents to work. To further it,  Republican Councilman Marchase  who would love to appeal the tree ordinance to give builders further license to clear cut lots to make the builders  job easier with no consideration for the good of the town. Why not, Mr Marchase repeal all these ordinances as well since no one is enforcing them anyway.

So, now I pledge to put my full support, financially or otherwise  behind any Democratic candidate that will run against the stranglehold the Republicans and builders have put on the citizens of this town. 


Melissa Neczesny

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