Jul 28, 2014

Open for Business

If you're a local business owner who is open for business post-Hurricane Sandy, please post your info in our comments section below to let readers know.

Open for Business


With so many local businesses still recovering from the effects of Hurricane Sandy, Patch is compiling a list of businesses that are open and serving the community. Are you open for business? Email nicole.bitette@patch.com with the name and address of your business, the hours you’re open. Plus, please include any special services, products or other information that might be useful to the community. For example, do you have wifi, fresh water, or charging stations? Let us know and we’ll publish it on Patch, in our email newsletter, and on our Facebook page.

Residents: if you know of any open businesses, add them to the comment section below. 

Open Businesses

  • Scotchwood Diner
  • Let's Yo in Watchung - Free Wifi and Charging
  • Nick's Pizza in Fanwood - Walk ins only
  • Dunkin Donuts in Fanwood
  • Lukoil in Scotch Plains on North Ave. - Open at 8 a.m.
  • Quick check on North Ave.

  • Club West in Fanwood - Hot Tea and Wifi
  • DeliveryNow - Phones not restored, but open for delivery at deliverynow.com
  • Evangel Church - Will be open overnight
  • YMCA - showering available until 5 p.m.

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