Jul 28, 2014
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Double Dipper in Fanwood

Avital's weekly review of local restaurants. Just in time for the Fourth of July, she visits the borough's famous ice cream shop.

Double Dipper in Fanwood Double Dipper in Fanwood Double Dipper in Fanwood Double Dipper in Fanwood Double Dipper in Fanwood

Kid friendly rating    :-)     :-)     :-)     :-)

Double Dipper has booster seats and high chairs and is always filled with children. Most of the time, the servers are pretty good about dealing with all those kids.  Every once in a while, you get an overwhelmed server who isn't as nice as the others.  They can sometimes seem stressed, but I guess I would too putting all that stuff on ice cream.  Overall, they are pretty kid friendly so I gave them four smiley faces. 

Avital "yumminess" rating     :-)     :-)     :-)     :-)     :-)

At Double Dipper you can not only get ice cream, but also lunch! There are soups, sandwiches, burgers and lots of other things!  I love all the different choices of ice cream as well as the beef and barley soup.  DELICIOUS!   (as I said in a previous article, I am not a "kid-food" kid!)    This is definitely a five smiley face restaurant for yumminess.

Picky eater rating    :-)     :-)     :-)     :-)     

This is a good restaurant for picky eaters, though it doesn't have your normal chicken fingers and fries.  It does have burgers though, so most picky eaters would like it.  I gave it a 4 smiley face rating because who doesn't like ice cream!

Healthy rating    :-)     :-)     :-)

Double Dipper does have some pretty healthy soups and salads. But you can also pick the bacon double cheeseburger (YUM!) or ice cream (which Double Dipper is known for).  My mom wants to make sure that I tell you that she loves the fat-free soft serve and that it is pretty healthy!  But all in all, there are many of tempting treats, so I'll give it three smiley faces.

Noisy rating    :-)     :-)     :-)     :-)

This is normally a pretty quiet restaurant except for concert night at the schools or really hot days.   I know, I've seen it PACKED!  After this year's chorus concert at Terrill, the line was WAY out the door!  Obviously, it is the place to be in Fanwood!

Kid entertainment rating    :-)     :-)     :-)

Double Dipper doesn't have a kids menu, but they have ice cream.  I love looking at all the different types of ice creams and toppings while I'm waiting for my food.  The ice cream has such funny flavors like cotton candy and banana split.  Even if I'm not ordering ice cream on this visit, I can still look for next time!

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