Jul 27, 2014
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Readers' Choice: Who's Your Favorite SPF Florist?

They bail you out on anniversaries, birthdays — and if you've gotten yourself into trouble — so let everyone know who is the best florist in town.

Readers' Choice: Who's Your Favorite SPF Florist?

Imagine surrounding yourself with beautiful flowers all day long, in the sweetest-smelling, every-day-is-the-first-day-of-spring establishment in Scotch Plains and Fanwood. How great would that be?

Now imagine that you're also the person who delivers beautiful expressions of love, happiness and joy as well as a comforting affirmation of life's beauty to someone who's going through a difficult time or suffered a loss?

Do florists get flowers from friends and family? Not sure who'd deliver to them, but in any event, here's your chance to brighten up their day.

Cast your ballot, leave a comment to tell us what makes them so special, and check back during the week — and on Friday when we throw a figurative Patch bouquet to the men and women who earn your support for their hard work.

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