Jul 28, 2014

Middlesex County Announces Gun Buy Back Program

Middlesex County Prosecutor’s Office offers $80 for handguns and $150 for assault weapons.

Middlesex County Announces Gun Buy Back Program

1. What is the gun surrender program? 
It is our way to reduce the number of dangerous guns in Middlesex County. When you turn in guns, you make our neighborhoods safer and may save a life. 

2. Can I be arrested for turning in a gun? 
NO. We want to reduce the number of guns that might 
be used by criminals or cause injury, death or suffering 

3. I’m a good citizen, is this program for me? 
Most guns are owned by law-abiding people. But, guns may be stolen in a burglary, found by a child even if the gun is locked up, used unexpectedly during a heated argument or during a time of great stress. Tragedies do happen with guns owned by good citizens. 

4. What kind of guns can I turn in? 
Any firearm or weapon can be surrendered, but payment will 
only be made for handguns and assault weapons in operable condition. 

5. How do I know if my gun is an assault weapon? 
Go to the New Jersey State Police Website –  www.NJSP.org, click on Public Information, New Jersey Firearms Laws, NJ Attorney General 
Guidelines, Assault Firearms. 

April 21, 10 a.m. – 4 p.m.
April 22 1 p.m. – 5 p.m. 

Location to turn in guns during buy back: 

Sacred Heart Parish Hall 
Behind Sacred Heart School 
115 Commercial Avenue 
New Brunswick, NJ 08901 
Between Suydam St. & Townsend St. 
Parking lot entrance on Townsend St. 


Wrap up your unloaded gun and tie or tape it, then put it in a box, bag or case and help yourself to a reward. 


For Information call the Middlesex County Prosecutor’s Office at 732-745-3300

--Middlesex County Prosecutor’s Office

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