15 Sep 2014
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Update: Board of Ed Approves New Policy on Computer Use

The South Orange - Maplewood Board of Education passed a measure that outlines "acceptable" use of computers and the network

Update: Board of Ed Approves New Policy on Computer Use

The South Orange - Maplewood Board of Education adopted a new policy at its Monday night meeting governing the use of computers and computer networks for students, staff, and teachers. The policy includes consequences for violating the new rules. Consequences include suspension from school; expulsion from school; and/or legal action and prosecution by the authorities.

Policy 2361 Acceptable Use Of Computers Networks/Computers And Resources notes that new technology and media "allows pupils access to information sources that have not been pre-screened by educators using Board approved standards." The previous policy is dated 2002.

"The Board provides access to computer networks/computers for educational purposes only. The Board retains the right to restrict or terminate pupil access to computer networks/computers at any time, for any reason," continues the policy. 

Violations of school computer and network use include the following:

A. Using the computer networks/computers for illegal, inappropriate or obscene purposes, or in support of such activities. Illegal activities are defined as activities that violate Federal, State, local laws and regulations. Inappropriate activities are defined as those that violate the intended use of the networks. Obscene activities shall be defined as a violation of generally accepted social standards for use of publicly owned and operated communication vehicles.

B. Using the computer networks/computers to violate copyrights, institutional or third party copyrights, license agreements or other contracts.

C. Using the computer networks in a manner that:

1. Intentionally disrupts network traffic or crashes the network;PROGRAM 2361/page 2 of 5 Acceptable Use of Computer Networks/ Computers and Resources

2. Degrades or disrupts equipment or system performance;

3. Uses the computing resources of the school district for commercial purposes, financial gain, or fraud;

4. Steals data or other intellectual property;

5. Gains or seeks unauthorized access to the files of others or vandalizes the data of another person;

6. Gains or seeks unauthorized access to resources or entities;

7. Forges electronic mail messages or uses an account owned by others;

8. Invades privacy of others;

9. Posts anonymous messages;

10. Possesses any data which is a violation of this Policy; and/or

11. Engages in other activities that do not advance the educational purpose for which computer networks/computers are provided.

In addition, the district complies with the Children’s Internet Protection Act, the Neighborhood Children’s Internet Protection Act, and has installed technology protection measures for all computers in the school district, including computers in media centers/libraries.


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