23 Aug 2014
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Camp Horizons Closes

After 28 years, the Livingston-based camp is closed

Camp Horizons Closes Camp Horizons Closes

Camp Horizons held its last Family Rocket Launch, and hosted its final Wednesday pizza lunch. After 28 years, the Livingston-based camp has closed, says owner Neil Rothstein, because Newark Academy has declined to renew the camp's lease.

"The camp is over," said Rothstein. "We're very sad to leave." The camp has been located at Newark Academy for 28 years. Camp Horizons shared the campus with sports camps and summer academics offered by the school.  "The school plans to expand the summer offerings," said Rothstein.

Newark Academy could not be reached for comment at this time.

Some 100,000 children, from grades K through nine, attended Camp Horizons over the past 28 years, many returning as counselors in training and then as counselors. About two each year, reckons Rothstein, entered Newark Academy after summers there inspired their interest in the school.

The camp website's lengthy list of testimonials lauds the "choice" element of the camp, which allowed campers to choose their own activity.

"Visiting Day this year was attended by Peter's grandmother," reads one parent comment. "At the end of the visit she said, 'Put the deposit down for next year, I don't want him to be closed out!' " For the thousands of local kids who attended Camp Horizons, there is no next year of camp to consider.

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