15 Sep 2014
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Rynda Road Resident Wants Two-Hour Parking

Resident B. George of Pens Patch Letter to the Editor.

Rynda Road Resident Wants Two-Hour Parking Rynda Road Resident Wants Two-Hour Parking Rynda Road Resident Wants Two-Hour Parking

For several months I have requested that the Town place a two hour parking ordinance on Rynda Road in South Orange. Although my emails have been forwarded to the proper channels and I have been given a response from the Town Clerk I have not seen any action or been contacted by the zoning board to see if they will answer my request.

My husband grew up in this town, his mother still lives here, his sister, his aunts and uncles, and from what I've heard, this is a wonderful town.

Five years ago we decided to buy a home in this town for our family. We have five children.

I have always pictured suburban living to be filled with quiet tree-lined streets that are not congested with a bombardment of cars and commuter traffic.

However it seems that this street has become very congested with commuters who park their cars and walk down to the train station.

Not only do they park their cars but at times they block our driveway and our neighbors driveways. It seems impossible to have visitors because they must park down the street because there's never any parking available in front of our home. My own mother who was up in years has to park several homes away and she has difficulty walking.

It is my understanding that the Livingston Mall offers free commuter parking and shuttles to mass transit.

I do not understand why these people cannot utilize this service. I am sure most of the people park here live in Livingston or the surrounding towns and would not like it if there streets were cluttered with commuter Parkers.

The parking has also obstructed services that we have from the town. Street cleaning is disrupted. Leaf and debris removal is disrupted. Snow removal is disrupted. I have emails and photographic evidence that I have sent to the town. There was even an instance where commuter parkers hit one of the beautiful gas lamps that we have and literally left their car and the gaslamp in disarray and walked to the train station. The car was eventually towed and the gaslamp was repaired and two weeks later the same person came back and parked in the same place again.

 It seems that the taxpayer has no voice in this town. The streets above below and around us do not have this problem because they have the two hour parking ordinance. It is a simple request and I do not understand why the town disregards our request.

It truly sheds a dim light on this beautiful suburban town to see that they have no regard to the quality-of-life of his text paying residents.

There are times where we have landscapers or utility people who would like to have access to our home for one reason or another but there is no parking.

I am enclosing some photographs that I have taken at various times.
 Or you can feel free to drive by window road on any given work today and see how it is cluttered with commuter Parkers.

Thank you
B. George
Rynda Rd South Orange

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