Jul 28, 2014
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South Orange Asks NJ Transit for Restored Schedule, Service

Village takes official action, asking NJ Transit to alter the current South Orange train schedule

South Orange Asks NJ Transit for Restored Schedule, Service

The Village of South Orange formally asked NJ Transit for the restoration of schedule and service to the pre-October 14, 2012 level. Trustees voted Monday  to pass resolution 2012-283 (attached as a pdf) noting the "negative impact to quality of life, property values and business productivity" of recent transit changes.

The resolution notes that South Orange sees 3,800 riders daily. The South Orange station is also fully-accessible, and is a designated "Transit Village." The station serves commuters from South Orange, Maplewood, Livingston and West Orange.

South Orange previously addressed the issue of the new schedule; in mid-October, the Village of South Orange released the following statement:

South Orange residents, as well as residents of Livingston and West Orange have contacted Village officials over the past week to voice concerns related to recent changes to the Midtown Direct train schedule, particularly for the evening commute departing New York. Residents were concerned that total travel times were increasing and the trains appeared to be more crowded.

met with NJ Transit officials in October to bring these concerns to Transit's attention, discuss the reasons for the changes, and express the community's concerns about the schedule changes in an effort to see what, if any, solutions might be available.

New Jersey Transit reported that they re-evaluate the train schedules at least twice a year, in the fall and spring, and more frequently if necessary. Transit officials had concerns and complaints about on-time performance and overcrowding on certain evening trains leaving New York. Those concerns were apparently the impetus for these recent schedule adjustments.

In addition to the concerns raised by residents, Village officials questioned whether the influx of new people from the recently started Livingston shuttles was taken into account in NJ Transit’s analysis. Officials also expressed concerns that this schedule change was not communicated in advance directly to the Village.

At the conclusion of the meeting, NJ Transit officials agreed to provide advance notice to the Village of any future proposed schedule changes. They also committed to reviewing the recent changes, including the ridership impact of the Livingston and West Orange shuttles, by the end of the month, and to share the results of that review with the Village. Specific suggestions received from residents for tweaks to the schedule were shared with NJ Transit and they agreed to review those suggestions as well.

All three of South Orange's state legislators - Assemblyman John McKeon, Assemblywoman Mila Jasey and Senator Dick Codey - were brought into the conversation and will be discussing the concerns the Village has raised directly with NJ Transit and other state officials. Additionally, Assemblyman McKeon, possibly joined by Assemblywoman Jasey, will be at Monday’s Board of Trustees meeting (730pm in Village Hall) to update the community on this - and several other state issues - as well as show their commitment to ensuring that the concerns of our community members are heard. Additionally, Village President Torpey has been discussing the impact on commuters with other local mayors, including Mayor Rob Parisi of West Orange and Mayor Stephen Santola of Livingston, who both support South Orange's effort to ensure all of our community's concerns are heard.

While South Orange has no direct control over NJ Transit’s schedule, Village officials are committed to advocating for residents, with our neighbors and state legislators as partners. For this reason, residents affected by any changes are also strongly encouraged to directly contact New Jersey Transit customer service at (973) 275-5555 or submit comments online .

We have asked New Jersey Transit to provide more information in writing about the recent changes, and will be updating the community Monday at the Board of Trustees meeting at the latest.

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