21 Aug 2014
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Executive Business Coach Opens Springfield Office

His goal is to help clients find their passion to succeed.

Executive Business Coach Opens Springfield Office

"Sure, the economy may be bad now, but I don't accept the idea that it's a deterrent to success."

So says Jason Weberman, an ebullient business coach who just opened his new office, North Star Coaching, at 110 Hillside Avenue, at the corner of South Springfield Avenue.

He talks passionately about how he walked away from an unsatisfying job, reinvented himself, and learned how to help people discover their hidden strengths.

"Five years ago, I worked in information technology, but it didn't offer me the kind of personal satisfaction I wanted," he said. "After 11 years, I realized my job was all 'have to' and 'should.' Then I tried sales, but that wasn't a good fit either." Finally, he decided to explore personal and business coaching because "I realized I had a talent for connecting with people, and I felt I could develop that as a career."

Taking the Big Step

Weberman attended a Landmark Education forum, learned about different coaching schools and methods, and enrolled in Coaches Training Institute to get the professional training he wanted. Today, he's a Certified Professional Co-active Coach (C.P.C.C.) and works with business people to help them identify and overcome the habits and fears that hold them back. He also consults with business organizations, creating programs for staff development and workforce retention.

He explains that pro-active coaching uses a variety of approaches to help people achieve their goals. "Most important is to establish a client-coach relationship built on honest communication and trust," he said. "We start with a 'foundation session' and then custom-design a program. Then we meet weekly, one on one, for 45 minutes to an hour to identify the blind spots all people have—the things that hold them back from realizing their potential.

"One client I worked with was afraid to go out of her comfort zone," he said. "She had created a wonderful line of greeting cards and was selling locally. After several months of our working together, her business expanded. Now her cards are available nationwide."

Amazed at How Coaching Transforms People

"Most people deny their passions and settle for what's safe, rather than take risks," he said. "I'm looking for people who want to grow, personally and in business. Success is more than material things. It also includes personal fulfillment, work-life balance, freeing oneself to be more creative, learning how to lead oneself in order to lead, inspire, and empower others. People can transform themselves."

To see Weberman in action, speaking before a group or facilitating his popular networking meet-ups, is to see a man who has achieved his own personal transformation. He's personable, confident, and enthusiastic about helping people find their passion.

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