Jul 29, 2014

Gift Guide: Toys For $25 or Less

The holidays don't have to drain your bank account. There are plenty of ways to get More For Less locally.

Gift Guide: Toys For $25 or Less Gift Guide: Toys For $25 or Less

You don't have to break the bank to make your kids happy this holiday season. There are plenty of $25 and under gifts they can be excited about.

Mini Polka Dot Piggy Banks by Elegant Baby: These mini pigs in eye-catching colors can be paired with some coins to make a fun keepsake for a child. A toddler will entertain him/herself for hours by putting the money in and shaking it. They can be personalized too, a smart way to teach a toddler to recognize his/her name.  $25, Poppyfields Home in Westfield.

First Pops Pop Beads: A jar of 14 pieces that stack and pop together for baby. It's bright, vibrant, educational and looks like a lot of gift for the money. $16.99, Learning Express in Westfield.

Dinosaur Stamp Sets: My kids can't get enough of anything they can imprint with ink! The set, by Melissa and Doug, is $9.99 at Learning Express in Westfield. There's also a "Friend" and "Horses" set.

Make-Your-Own Puppets: These whimsical monster puppets by Melissa & Doug have interchangeable eyes, ears and other parts. They're the bigger, softer kid version of Mr. Potato Head. $20, .

Groovy Scrapbook Kit: it includes the scrapbook and all of the accessories. It's a great deal considering what individual supplies go for at the big chain stores. It's made by Alex. $19.99, Learning Express in Westfield.

Bananagrams by Bananagram: It's scrabble without the board, and the pieces come in a travel size banana pouch. "Fast & Fun" according to Summit's Seal & Co. owner Eric Model. The game is part of a series of Fruit Word Games, including Pairs in Pears and Appletters, geared towards the younger player. They travel great. $15.99 at Seal & Co in Summit. 

B-I-N-G-O Cage: like the old tournament play Bingo sets back in the day, this set comes complete with number balls in a round metal cage. It's fun for kids to spin around and read off the numbers, especially those just learning their letters and numbers. There's a much more expensive wooden model at Restoration Hardware for $69,   but this is exactly the same idea. $5, Five Below in Springfield.

WII accessories: If they're getting the WII this holiday, and you want to accessorize at low cost, there are authentic WII products for $5 at Five Below in Springfield.  

Video Games: Game Boy Advance, Xbox 360, Playstation II Sonic and Leapster never seemed so cheap. At Five Below in Springfield, you can find legitimate games for $5.

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