Jul 28, 2014
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You've Got (No) Mail: Some Residents Say No Delivery Since Saturday

Residents continue to lament Springfield's "abysmal postal service."

You've Got (No) Mail: Some Residents Say No Delivery Since Saturday
Despite an assurance that United States Postal Service officials had been sent to Springfield to investigate what residents have deemed "abysmal" delivery service, some say conditions are actually worsening.

"I haven't gotten mail since Saturday and its (sic) now Thursday," Springfield resident  Bob Groder commented Thursday evening. "Monday was a holiday and no mail whatsoever all week." 

Groder isn't alone. Patch reader  Ellen Weissman wrote, "no mail yesterday on gail court."

Another township resident who referred to the service as "abysmal" and asked not to be identified said she has not received mail since Saturday either and added that the issues with mail delivery began well-before the January 3rd snowstorm that left residents without mail for at least two days.

Other residents continued to express their concern that bills and other dated notices are not arriving or being delivered to the wrong address. Many are frustrated that as the quality of service declines, prices are on the rise. 

On Sunday, the  cost of a first-class postage stamp will increase to 49 cents from 46 cents . A book of first-class, one-ounce stamps will cost $9.80. Forever Stamps purchased before the increase will still be valid for all one-ounce letters. 

On Jan. 11, Patch contacted USPS Northeast Area Vice President Richard Uluski regarding mail delivery. On Jan. 14, USPS spokesperson George B. Flood told Patch via email "... Springfield residents can expect to get delivery Monday through Saturday on a regular basis. Accordingly, two USPS Northern New Jersey District officials were dispatched to Springfield and have begun a comprehensive review."

Additionally, Flood asked any Springfield customers who experience a problem with their mail services to contact the local USPS Northern New Jersey District Consumer and Industry Contact Office at 732-819-3260. 

Requests for comment Thursday afternoon were not immediately returned. Patch will update this story as information becomes available. 

Has mail delivery improved, worsened or remained the same in your neighborhood? Tell us in the comments changed.

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