Jul 29, 2014

Turf Field to Break Ground in September

Officials project that athletic Facilities will be ready for fall, 2013.

Turf Field to Break Ground in September Turf Field to Break Ground in September

In an update to the Township Committee and the Board of Education, Springfield Engineer Todd Hay provided details about the plans and construction of the turf athletic facilities on Dayton’s grounds.

Construction companies are already vying for the job, with bids for the project rolling in since July 1. The final deadline for bidding is July 31. Despite initial optimistic projections that the field would be ready for fall sports, the field will not be ready until 2013 because of safety considerations and a lengthy permit process.

“We are optimistic that it will be ready for athletic events in 2013,” school board member Jacqueline Shanes said. 

In addition to the field, amenities at the site will include bleachers capable of accommodating up to 500 people, an elaborate snack bar by the entrance and five tennis courts. The snack bar will be designed to match the exterior of Dayton High School, which Hay noted was designated as a historic site. The athletic fields are also slated to include 60-80 foot athletic field lights.

The site will not include a baseball diamond. Hay said that the site had inadequate fill for a baseball field.

Hays said there is a sewer underneath the field that will be removed before the field is built to allow for emergency access to the sewer.

“In the first week of September, we hope to have machinery out there,” Hay said.

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