20 Aug 2014
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Getting to Know Lifeguard Curran Kanagat

The film studies student who graduated from Summit High School works at the new luxury gym in Summit, while he goes to college.

Getting to Know Lifeguard Curran Kanagat Getting to Know Lifeguard Curran Kanagat

that opened on Monday is giving residents more than just hard bodies, it's also giving them jobs.

Curran Kanagat, 20, a student at Fairleigh Dickinson University makes sure gym patrons stay safe in the two-lane pool.

With a laid-back and friendly persona, the Blackburn Road resident kicked it with Patch to talk about movies, both the Hollywood variety and the kind made right here in Summit.


SP: So, this pool only has two lanes? Does it get busy here?

CK: Not too busy, yet. But it's a salt-water pool !

SP: Wow. That's different. You look like you belong in high school. How old are you?

CK: (Laughs) People tell me that all the time. I'm 20, and I go to Fairleigh Dickinson. I study film.

SP: You should post some of your video work on Patch.

CK: Ok. But if you're really looking for talented videos you should get in touch with the media department at Summit High School.

SP: Tell me about it.

CK: There are some really good directors at Summit High. I once helped direct a zombie movie.

SP: Zombies. Now you're talking. I love zombie movies. What are your plans for the future?

CK: Me and a group of my friends are going to start a production company. We'll make some movies and then after I establish myself I'll go out to L.A.

SP: There are some good directors who come from Summit, you know.

CK: Yeah, the guy who made the movie about the guy who's going to run for governor?

SP:  Marshall Curry, he made " Street Fight".

CK: Right.

SP: So how do you like working at Equinox so far?

CK: I like it a lot, I try to work as much as I can. I'm realistic about what it means to be a film major. I still need a job.

SP: Smart man.


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