15 Sep 2014
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Glenside Field Gets 55 More Much Needed Parking Spaces

Glenside Field Gets 55 More Much Needed Parking Spaces
Work has begun on the Glenside Sports Fields to add 55 new parking spaces adjacent to the soccer fields.

According to Summit City Administrator Christopher Cotter, “Since Glenside is a Union County facility, there was a concerted effort by elected officials, City and County staff, to address the critical need for additional parking at field."  Cotter added, "The lack of sufficient parking became a safety concern during sporting events when cars were being parked on Glenside Avenue, an extremely busy County road.   A solution is underway today with a plan to add 55 much needed spaces in time for spring use.”

"This is a result of a solid effort on both the City and the County," explains Dr. Robert Rubino, President of the Summit Common Council.  "Within a month's time, we were able to go from an idea to implementation of the project.  Hopefully, this is evidence that our outreach to the freeholders and the professional staff at the County is starting to bear fruit."

Cotter and Rubino also credited Summit Police Chief Robert Weck, Union County Deputy Manager Bill Reyes, and Ron Zuber, Union County Director of Parks and Recreation, for their efforts.  Paul Cascais, Summit Superintendent of Public Works and Director of Community Programs Judith Josephs have also been integrally involved in the process.

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