21 Aug 2014
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Letter to the Editor: Choose Eileen Forman Ludden as Mayor

Mayor Jordan Glatt and Steve Murphy endorse the best choice for Summit.

Letter to the Editor: Choose Eileen Forman Ludden as Mayor Letter to the Editor: Choose Eileen Forman Ludden as Mayor

We decided to write this letter together, as your Mayor and At Large Councilman, because we believe we were both elected by a similar coalition of Democrats, Republicans and Independents who believed that we would bring a spirit of public service and non partisanship to our local government. 

We realize that you entrusted us to do the best job possible for Summit without regard for party or personal agenda, and we have tried our hardest to do that – even when we have found ourselves on opposite sides of an issue. 

Respect for the offices to which we were elected, and, most importantly, respect for each and every citizen of Summit – regardless of where they may come from, reside, work or worship - has guided our often difficult deliberations and decisions.

In a time when there is much distrust by the public with all levels of government – from national to local – we always believed that Summit was different.   We hope that what Summit has experienced in the last several months is an anomaly in our city’s history of good governance, and that trust in our local government will be restored.

We also know that what our city has endured this past week, with the unexpected and destructive snowstorm and its aftermath, requires strong leadership and a smart team that can be relied upon to act in the best interests of all our citizens and neighborhoods.

We believe that one way to insure the return of good government  is to give Summit a ‘fresh start’. For that reason, we strongly and enthusiastically support the election of . While we recognize that Eileen is running against councilpersons, we know that she has the talent and leadership abilities to be our next mayor. 

We are also proud to endorse a terrific slate of experienced Summit public servants:  Susan Hairston, At Large; Sandy Bloom, Ward 1; and Dennis White, Ward 2. This team led by Eileen Forman Ludden is the best choice for Summit. 

Finally, we thank you for the honor of being allowed to serve as your Mayor and At Large Councilman. It's been a privilege.  We continue to believe that Summit is the greatest small city in America! 

Please remember to Vote on November 8th.

Jordan Glatt and Steve Murphy

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