Jul 28, 2014
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Summit's New Parking Advisory Committee

The group that helps analyze and recommend parking initiatives was announced this week as part of a new resolution.

Summit's New Parking Advisory Committee

The new members of a revamped parking committee were announced this week. The parking committee consists of 12 members in all. There are seven people who are chosen as "Community-at-large" members  who will serve two-year terms. One-year terms will be served by the following: the Common Council President, a member of the council's general services committee, and a council member on . Both the City Administrator and Parking Services Manager will serve without limit.

"Clearly over the past year there was a lot of discussion about certain issues having to do with parking, which is an issue that always evokes more passion in this city," said councilwoman Nouris Portuondo at this week's council meeting.

"In the past we had excellent individuals that volunteered their time to serve the city," Portuondo added, joking that it feels like a lifelong committement once you're involved. 

Community-at-large members, who will serve on the advisory committee until 2013 are:

Jim Cadranell 

Emi Havas

Steve Pardee

Emily Campo

Kevin Smallwood

Joseph Steiner

Beth Welsh


City Administrator Chris Cotter and Agency Manager Rita McNany are permanent members of the committee.

The responsibilities of the group, according to city documents include participating in research and planning meetings on city parking needs. Additionally, members are expected to work with the public to gain support on projects.

"One of the thoughts that came out of everything that happened over the summer," said Portuondo, "was the concept of revitalizing the existing committee so that we improve communication between all the stake holders in our downtown and all the folks in government. Also, that we create a committee that is a little bit more focused."

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