22 Aug 2014
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Teaneck Considers Program to Improve Aid at Accident Scenes

'Yellow dot' initiative will quickly provide first responders with relevant medical information of patients involved in accidents.

Teaneck Considers Program to Improve Aid at Accident Scenes
Teaneck is considering a "Yellow Dot" program that enables first responders to quickly obtain the patient's relevant medical conditions while at the scene of an accident.

Councilman Yitz Stern and the Township Council has asked the administration to consider the program. The program is based on a recently enacted state law that promotes the use of round yellow stickers on a car's left rear window to indicate the presence of a driver's photo and a list of their relevant medical conditions in a yellow envelope in the glove compartment.

"There are times when individuals hurt in a crash are unable to communicate with emergency responders to advise them about a medical condition that requires special attention and care," Stern said. "If that information is readily available in the vehicle, medical personnel may be able to provide better and quicker treatment."

More than 20 states, including Connecticut and New York, have implemented this type of program. According to the legislation, governing bodies considering this program should initially involve local first responders in its creation and development, develop program materials in line with other programs that currently exist and make the yellow dot decals conveniently available.

“With our emergency responders being dispatched frequently onto Routes 4 and 80/95, as well as covering all of our local roads, this program can quickly alert responders to a vehicle crash that a victim's health information may be available in the glove compartment," Stern said. “Having that information readily available can save precious moments on the scene."

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