Jul 29, 2014

Letter: Thank You For Your Support on Election Day

Councilman Mo Hill weighs in as Republican campaign closes in Toms River

Letter: Thank You For Your Support on Election Day

Letter to the editor as submitted by Toms River Council President Maurice Hill:

I would like to thank the more than 15,000 Toms River residents who voted in Tuesday’s election.  One of the most important freedoms we enjoy as citizens of this great country is the right to vote.  We vigorously debate issues and then express our opinion peacefully via the ballot box. 

On behalf of the Mayor Thomas Kelaher, Councilmen at Large George Wittmann, John Sevastakis and myself I want to thank the people who voted for us and supported us.  I also want to thank all those who worked tirelessly on our campaign.  No one wins an election by themselves.  It takes grass roots supporters and a team effort.  Finally we pledge to continue to serve the residents of Toms River to the best of our ability.  Thank you.


Mo Hill

Councilman at Large

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