Jul 28, 2014

New Jersey Recovery Fund to Aid in Sandy Recovery

Grants and low to no-interest loans will benefit non-profits aiding Hurricane Sandy recovery.

New Jersey Recovery Fund to Aid in Sandy Recovery

The Community Foundation of New Jersey recently announced a funding resource aimed at supporting the needs of the state’s communities and non-profit organizations leading in recovery following Hurricane Sandy.

Called the New Jersey Recovery Fund, the foundation and its more than $5 million in pledged support from national and regional organizations recently revealed the fund’s application guidelines and its focus on aiding forward-thinking groups and communities throughout the state.

The fund focuses on five areas, according to NJ News Commons, a Montclair State University communication project, including public information and community engagement, a focus on policy in support of resiliency and sustainability, innovative community and regional planning projects, environmental protection and restoration, and community driven and participatory arts projects.

Non-profit organizations looking to apply are encouraged to partner with residence, business owners, and towns to generate a wide array of ideas, which they are then invited to submit for consideration.

The fund is not designed to provide disaster relief, but to develop ideas and projects, according to the report, that focus on innovation, collaboration, resiliency and sustainability following Sandy.

According to the Community Foundation, eligible applicants must be based in New Jersey or partner with a New Jersey non-profit organization or municipality.

For more information, or to submit an application, visit the dedicated New Jersey Recovery Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation website at http://www.grdodge.org/about-us/new-jersey-recovery-fund.

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