Jul 29, 2014

New Toms River Animal Shelter to Hold Open House

Residents can meet with animals, take tours

New Toms River Animal Shelter to Hold Open House
The newly built Toms River Animal Shelter will host an open house later this month.

Township officials said Monday that there will be a ribbon cutting ceremony and dedication at the event, which will be held Sunday, May 18. Those who attend will be able to tour the facility and visit with the animals there. There will also be a barbecue and activities for families.

“If you are considering adopting a new pet, the Open House is a great opportunity for residents to check out the shelter and visit some of the animals that are ready to be adopted,” said JoAnn Benson, Director for the Division of Health and Human Services.

The rain or shine event is free and open to the public. Various ‘rescue’ groups will have hand-outs and information about the shelter, adoption, and volunteer opportunities.

The new, state-of-the-art 7,900 square-foot, $2 million facility is nearly three times the size of the previous shelter, which had been subject to overcrowding and is out of current standards.

The shelter's kennels can house about 30 dogs and 50 cats include large plexiglass enclosures and several runs, including a covered run for inclement weather. There are also isolation rooms for cats for health purposes and for aggressive dogs.

The shelter is also home to a retail store where residents adopt an animal, get a pet license, purchase food, leashes and toys and spay or neuter their pets.

Local officials say the shelter is one of only four remaining municipally-run shelters in New Jersey and promotes "humane care and treatment of all animals, reunites lost pets with their families, reduces overpopulation by encouraging residents to spay and neuter their pets, rescues injured or abused animals and seeks loving new homes for dogs and cats."

The shelter is located at 235 Oak Avenue, Toms River, adjacent to the police station. The old facility on Whitesville Road has been closed.

For more information, residents can contact the shelter at 732-341-1000, ex. 7300.

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