Jul 28, 2014

Police Ask Residents For Help Preventing Burglaries

Toms River Police asking residents to take certain precautions, report suspicious activity

Police Ask Residents For Help Preventing Burglaries

Toms River police this week are asking residents to take certain precautions after several burglaries that began last month have continued to affect locals.

Since Aug. 1, the police department has investigated a high number of residential and automobile burglaries that have occurred throughout town, Police Capt. Mitch Little said in a release.

The residential burglaries have predominantly occurred during the day or early evening hours to unoccupied residences, Little said.

Police are asking residents for help spotting and reporting any potential burglars, Little said.

“The Toms River Police Department requests the assistance of the public in preventing further burglaries,” Little said.

Residential burglars are known to knock on doors of potential victims to determine if the home is unoccupied, Little said. If a resident answers, the burglar will pretend to be lost and looking for directions, interested in buying a car or searching for a lost dog, Little said.

Police request any resident encountering a similar situation to contact the non-emergency police line at (732) 349-0150.

Residents are urged to be as descriptive as possible when reporting suspicious activity, Little said.

“Providing a good description of the individual, their vehicle and or a license plate number is extremely helpful to the responding officers,” Little said.

Residents should also call the non-emergency number if they observe anyone not known to them entering or exiting a neighbor’s yard or peering into vehicles, Little said.

The car burglaries have predominantly involved unlocked vehicles during the overnight hours, while a portion have occurred during the day, Little said.

Several more car burglaries have been a result of victims leaving their keys accessible on key racks at various health clubs throughout town, Little said.

“If you are heading into the health club to exercise, either lock your keys in a locker or carry them with you.  Do not leave them unattended on a key rack,” Little said.

Based on the current trend, locked cars seem to deter most of the burglars, Little said.

Police also recommend residents remove any valuables from their cars before leaving them unattended.

“If removal is impractical, lock these items in the trunk out of sight,” Little said.

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