Jul 29, 2014

Resident Creates Petition Opposing Water Rate Hike

Goal of 1,000 signatures

Resident Creates Petition Opposing Water Rate Hike

United Water's proposed rate hike for the Toms River, Manitou Park and Holiday City Berkeley areas has led one resident to create a petition in opposition.

"Say No To United Water Toms River Proposed Rate Increase" launched Sept. 26 on a petition-hosting site, with a goal of netting 1,000 signatures.

"United Water Toms River's proposed rate increase of 24% would raise water costs for the average home to $47.10 per month. This would be their second rate increase in three years, when  most people are already struggling to pay their bills.  United Water Toms River services homes in Holiday City, Manitou Park, Silver Ridge Park, South Toms River, and Toms River."

The water company — which services roughly 120,000 homes in Toms River, along with Holiday City, Silver Ridge Park and the Manitou Park sections of Berkeley Township — put in a request for a rate change in mid-September.

The average monthly residential bill would increase an additonal $9.39 to $47.10.

United Water Operations Director Rick Pfleiderer said previously that the increase is needed to recover roughly $18 million in water system improvements the company has made or is currently working on since its last rate filing three years ago.

However, Toms River Township Officials approved a resolution opposing the rate change. The resident's petition had five signatures Tuesday morning.

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