Jul 28, 2014

School Board Candidates Now Have Until June 5 to File

Deadline would have been today for an April election, but board moved election to November

School Board Candidates Now Have Until June 5 to File

The move from an April school board election to a means to run as a candidate.

Now, candidates have until June 5 to file a petition to run in November, said the county clerk's office. Today was the deadline under the April system.

Lakewood will still have an April school board election and budget vote, but nearly every other school district in decided to move its school board election to November.

That also means the Toms River Regional school budget will no longer be before voters and will instead be decided by the school board this spring, unless the school budget grows more than 2 percent. Only if the school district presents a budget more than the 2 percent cap will it be required to put the budget before voters.

The move to a November election was allowed under a newly passed , giving districts the choice to keep an April election or move it to coincide with the general election in November.

Candidates will be listed in a separate section of the November ballot, as school board elections are nonpartisan.

Three seats are up for grabs in the first November election of the nine-member school board.

The Toms River seats for John Reuther and Gus Kakavas expire this year, as does the South Toms River seat of Jamie Ann Jubert.

The move to a November election was overwhelmingly denounced by the public attending a special board meeting to decide the switch, but the measure passed by a school board vote of 6-3.

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