Jul 28, 2014

Toms River Disputing FEMA Guidelines For Home Building

In the wake of Sandy, the Advisory Base Flood Elevations are a bit too "conservative," officials say

Toms River Disputing FEMA Guidelines For Home Building

Toms River officials are disputing new Federal Emergency Management Agency flood maps that could require homes to be built at certain heights.

On its website, Toms River officials say they believe there may be some "errors" on the FEMA maps for parts of Toms River.

Officials said the township's findings were based on a preliminary analysis from our Toms River engineers.

"We will be seeking clarification from FEMA on those issues, as we believe the maps are overly conservative regarding the height that homes would need to be built," officials said on the website.

In the interim, residents need to be aware that these base flood elevation plans from FEMA are "advisory," officials said.

"However, in a few months, the maps may end up being permanent, so plan accordingly," the website says. "Please consult with your engineer or architect."

FEMA Flood Maps are located at: FEMA Flood Map (Toms River Barrier Island specific):

New maps have been released by FEMA recommending residents in flood zones in 10 counties and 194 communities throughout the state consider raising their homes anywhere between one and five feet on average, FEMA officials said.

The maps, part of the agency’s Advisory Base Flood Elevations, are being published online morning and will likely be used by communities to help establish standards during the rebuilding process following the destruction of Hurricane Sandy.

Although the data used in the storm does not include any relating to Sandy, officials say it best represents the type of flood protection needed during similar storms that have a one percent chance of occurring each year.

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