Jul 29, 2014
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Toms River To Crack Down on Invasive Plants

The Township Council introduced an ordinance to make property owners control invasive plants, such as spreading bamboo, ragweed, and other vegetation, from spreading to neighboring properties.

Toms River To Crack Down on Invasive Plants

Toms River property owners need to watch what plants are growing in their yards, especially if it is a spreading species, such as bamboo, multi flora rose, kudzu or poison ivy or oak.

The Township Council introduced an ordinance Tuesday, Nov. 13, that requires property owners to keep vegetation within their boundaries or face costs for removal and fines.  The amount of those fines governed under state law could not immediately be determined, but a 2002 letter that the state sent to judges showed that the maximum for violating municipal ordinances could be as high as $1,250.

Several New Jersey towns have recently taken action about controlling invasive plants, particularly spreading bamboo that can cause property damage.

Spreading bamboo has to be manually removed and any root fragments in the ground can restore the plant, according to the Institute of Invasive Bamboo Research.  Many herbicides are ineffective against the plants, the group said.

The second reading of the ordinance, which will be open for public comment, is scheduled for the November 27 municipal meeting. 

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