22 Aug 2014
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Bloomingdale Council Actions 'Appalling,' Former Mayor Says

Bill Steenstra thinks council majority members should honor commitment to serve borough.

Bloomingdale Council Actions 'Appalling,' Former Mayor Says

The following is a Letter to the Editor submitted by former Bloomingdale Mayor Bill Steenstra. If you have a letter you'd like to submit, send it to ariana.cohn-sheehan@patch.com

Dear Editor,

Being involved in borough government for 10 years, four as mayor and six as councilman, I have experienced many meetings in which different opinions were expressed.

Many times, discussions were heated, but never did a member of the governing body go home. They worked their problems out because they were elected to serve, represent and make decisions on behalf of the residents of Bloomingdale.

Some decisions are not popular, but that's what it's all about. As I watch the meetings on TV, it is appalling to watch the business of the town get removed from the agenda or tabled because our current majority is unwilling or unprepared to deal with it. Why did they run in the first place?  

Absenteeism is also a concern. I know it's not a high-paying job, but it is a commitment and council members are elected to serve, not just when they feel like it but as long as they hold office. 

Another disturbing thing is the accusatory tone exhibited toward the mayor or against other council members. When you serve, you don't tell someone to "shut up"or suggest that they need a calculator.  

This election should be about who wants to put Bloomingdale first and should not be about anyone's personal agenda or need to wield power. It should be about implementing new ideas and not simply accepting with the status quo.

Bloomingdale needs a reality check. Things need to get done, not tabled! That is why we need to elect Sondermeyer and Dellaripa. I know they will put Bloomingdale first.  

Very truly yours,

Bill Steenstra

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