23 Aug 2014
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Safety Improvements Underway on Fayson Lakes Road

Borough to lower speed limit around sharp curves.

Safety Improvements Underway on Fayson Lakes Road

After several residents expressed their concerns over safety on some of Fayson Lakes Road's sharpest curves, the Borough of Kinnelon has responded and begun several improvements intended to help.

Kinnelon Councilman Gary Moleta announced the improvements during Thursday's council meeting. He said some road signs have been put in place and more are coming with appropriate verbiage asking motorists to slow down in certain areas. Other safety improvements are also coming.

"We're going to lower the speed limit from 35 to 25, which I think is far more reasonable in the Fayson Lakes area," Moleta said.

The safety of one curves in particular came into question last spring after a motor vehicle accident occurred there involving two bicyclist. The by medevac helicopter. Kinnelon police Sgt. Joe Fidducia said one of the bicyclists suffered a head injury and that the accident was caused by the bicyclists allegedly riding into oncoming traffic. The bicyclists were later issued summonses for failure to keep right.

The mother of the driver of the car said her son was emotionally damaged and that her son did not see the bicyclists coming from around the curve.

As discussion continued on the topic over the past several months, some have said the bike routes along Fayson Lakes Road, and other thoroughfares in the borough, are partly to blame for the danger. The inclusion of bike routes on the borough's main roads, including Kinnelon Road and Boonton Avenue, was part of the   Borough of Kinnelon Open Space and Recreation Plan 2012 draft update. Kinnelon police Chief John Finkle has said similar accidents to the one in March have been seen in the area over the past several years, but that they were not entirely caused by the road itself.

"These are accidents that were somebody's fault," he said in March.

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Regardless of who or what has been at fault for the accidents, the council has been working to come up with a solution to create a safer transportation route for both bicyclists and motorists. Approximately was to be allocated specifically toward the Fayson Lakes Road safety improvements. Borough Engineer Paul Darmofalski also advised the council in July to move forward with the improvements.

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