Jul 28, 2014

Lucky AP Student to Drive Off With New Car

A year's worth of studying for AP exams will pay off, possibly for a few tri-boro students.

Lucky AP Student to Drive Off With New Car

Kinnelon and Butler AP students have been revving up for their AP exams ever since they learned a brand new car was at stake this year with the Route 23 Automall-sponsored AP Challenge.

Hundreds of juniors and seniors from and , as well as Pompton Lakes High School and Pequannock High School, who received a 3 or better on their AP exams will gather at the Butler car dealership Saturday for a chance to win the ultimate prize: a brand new 2012 Ford Fiesta.

"That's, I think, a very good way to celebrate academics," Superintendent Mario Cardinale said at Monday's board of education meeting, inviting board members and the public to attend.

Route 23 Automall has worked with the school districts, Tri-Boro Rotary, and other local businesses, including the Riverdale Staples, to be able to offer students who work hard prizes for their accomplishments.

Saturday, the eligible students will gather with their school district administrators, family members and friends in the dealership lot, where, according to Route 23 Automall Vice President Mark Mickens, a total of 516 keys will be given out (students who took more than one AP exam will be given one key for each exam they passed). Of those 516 keys, 12 will unlock the car door, but only one will start the car. That keyholder will get to keep the car.

Additionally, students whose keys do not open or start the car will be given a USB drive. Five laptop computers, donated by Tri-Boro Rotary, will be available for the students to plug the USB drives into and five of the drives will launch a program on the computers. The students whose drives launch the program will win the computers.

Food and music will also be at the event, held 3 p.m. to 6 p.m., and a DJ who will ask AP trivia questions will be there as well. Students will have additional chances to win gift cards to Staples to purchase school supplies, Mickens said.

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