Jul 28, 2014
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Police Warn Residents to be Cautious With Home Repair

A letter, which caused confusion for Verona residents last year, may be making another appearance, police say.

Police Warn Residents to be Cautious With Home Repair

Verona Police are once again urging residents to exercise caution regarding a letter from a home repair company that is being mailed to them designed to look like an official correspondence from a government agency.

Last year, letters were sent from HomeServe USA Repair Management Corp., claiming the water line coming from the township into resident’s homes may not be covered by resident’s homeowners insurance in case of breakage or damage.

The letter also said homeowners may be liable for thousands of dollars in costs to replace the line if there is a problem with it.

Although the letters have not yet turned up in Verona mailboxes this year, police have said they expect them to start making their appearance again in late February or early March.

“HomeServe is not affiliated with the town and the township does not endorse any private business,” said Verona Police Captain Mitchell Stern.

HomeServe’s senior vice president and spokesman Myles Meehan has previously disputed the Miami-based company is trying to scam residents.

“This is a legitimate company working in 41 states,” Meehan said, “with more than 1 million customers coast to coast with 1.6 million contracts.”

Meehan said the company, which has been serving customers in New Jersey since 2004, offers water and sewer line protection plans as well as heating and air conditioning services, adding the company is independent and not affiliated with government agencies.

“The township has no way of knowing how long any utility line will last," said Stern. However a check with the building department for water service placement permits show that in 2012 there were only four of these permits issued, seven were issued in 2011 and only four were issued in 2010."

“If you are considering purchasing products by HomeServe or any other company, we recommend you thoroughly research your options, said Stern. “Educating yourself is the best defense against making unnecessary purchases.”

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