Jul 28, 2014
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Berkeley Heights Council Engaged in 'Vendetta' Against BAC Plan

Letter to the editor

Berkeley Heights Council Engaged in 'Vendetta' Against BAC Plan

Five hundred thirty-five registered Berkeley Heights’ voters petitioned their Township's elected officials to have a vote of the citizenry on the sewer connection for the BAC new aquatic facility.

Instead of honoring the direction of these 535 citizens and having the election date set by the municipal clerk as required by statute, those officials have decided to spend more tax dollars on legal fees, this time to have their attorneys research whether they can bring a law suit to side step the public will.

Hiding behind the transparent charade of professing to want to protect the sewer plant's huge amount of excess capacity, these officials appear hell-bent on spending any amount of tax dollars and utilizing any set of tactics to subvert the democratic process and try to block a project that is a permitted use for its site in Warren Township.

In these times of economic distress and increasing threats to the healthy development of our youth, engaging in this vendetta at the public 's expense to try to stop a facility dedicated largely to training and educating kids is especially unconscionable.

Jim Wood

Berkeley Aquatic Center

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