Jul 28, 2014
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Crime Plummets in First Month of 2013

New tool from State Police offers a snapshot of recent crime reporting.

Crime Plummets in First Month of 2013

Did it seem January was a quiet month for local police activity? If you noticed fewer crime reports from police, it's due to a big drop in local crime, according to the New Jersey State Police.

A new online system for reporting the month-by-month data collected by the State Police, crime reported in January 2013 was a whopping 70 percent less than in January 2012.

Keep in mind Warren is always a pretty safe place, so even a small change can make a meaningful statistical difference.

But last January was a busy month for local police—a string of burglaries kept police busy and pushed up local crime tallies. Police said a total of nine burglaries were reported in January 2012—compared to three last month.

Vehicle thefts were the same in both years—one.

Another big difference this year was the drop in theft. In January 2012, Warren police said 17 theft reports were received, compared to only four this year.

The result? A 70.4 percent decrease in Warren's crime rate. 

Will it continue? We'll check next month, when Warren By the Numbers looks again at the crime stats.

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