Jul 29, 2014

Sandy Cleanup to be Sped Up in Green Brook

Private hauler contracted to help expedite process many say is already ahead of other communities.

Sandy Cleanup to be Sped Up in Green Brook

Green Brook will contract a private hauler to help with the cleanup of debris from Superstorm Sandy.

The Township Committee approved on Monday an emergency contract with R.J. Doerr and Sons of Bound Brook to expedite the removal of debris from the storm, Raymond Murray, the township’s chief financial officer, told the committee.

The storm debris will be collected, then deposited on a commercial property in the township, Murray said. The branches, up to 42 inches in diameter, will then be fed into a chipper.

The wood chips may eventually be available to residents, Murray said.

The township Department of Public Works has experienced delays with dumping off the debris it has collected at the Plainfield Municipal Utilities Authority (PMUA), Murray explained.

"They’re (PMUA) are getting overwhelmed,” Murray said. "Some days they’re not even open.” 

With R.J. Doerr and Sons picking up the debris, the streets will be cleared “a lot quicker” and the DPW can be freed to concentrate on picking up leaves, Murray said. 

The Township Committee praised the work of the DPW in the wake of Sandy. 

“These guys have done a phenomenal job,” Committee Member Edward Pfeifer said. “We’re way ahead of other communities.”

"The township did a fabulous job,” Forest Lane resident Kevin O’Connor said. "They were out there morning and night. We’re far better off than most other towns.”

“I’m sure they’re  exhausted,” O’Connor continued about the DPW. “They deserve some time off.”

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