Jul 29, 2014

Improvements to Hamburg Turnpike Slowly Plod Along

Freeholder Terry Duffy says main thoroughfare is a 'terrible road.' Improvements to the roadway could take another decade to complete.

Improvements to Hamburg Turnpike Slowly Plod Along

Twenty-two people have died in car accidents on Paterson-Hamburg Turnpike since 1994, according to a report on NorthJersey.com.

Wayne residents complain about the roadway constantly: it is too busy, dangerous, and filled with potholes. 

Freeholder Terry Duffy told the website that the roadway is "terrible."

The county is working to make the experience of traveling on the five and a half mile road a little better with the installation of u-turns and jughandles.

Drivers will be prohibited from making left turns onto local roads in an effort to improve traffic flow. 

But finishing the project for the entire roadway could take another 10 years and cost $100 million, the website reported.

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