Jul 29, 2014

Readers' Choice Winners 2012

Who has the best pizza in town? What's the best diner? Here are your picks for Readers' Choice.

Readers' Choice Winners 2012

All this summer you've nominated and voted for your favorite local businesses in categories ranging from Best Pizza to the Best Place to get Breakfast Clothing Store and the Best Diner.

We've tallied all the poll votes and now it's time to announce the winners. See below for our complete list of Readers' Choice winners.


Best Place for a Sandwich

  • 2nd Place:
  • 3rd Place:  and 

Best Breakfast Place

  • 2nd Place:
  • 3rd Place: Pompton Queen Diner

Best Pizza

  • Winner's: Tony's Touch of Italy II
  • 2nd Place: Positano's
  • 3rd Place: Vinnie's

Best Bakery

  • Winner:
  • 2nd:
  • 3rd: Genarcelli's

Best Diner 

  • Winner:
  • 2nd: Pompton Queen
  • 3rd: Park Wayne

Best Restaurant

  • Winner: Tap House Grill
  • 2nd: Positano's
  • 3rd: Aldo's Cucina

Best Romantic Restaurant

  • Winner: The Paris Inn
  • 2nd: High SocieTea and The Village Inn
  • 3rd: Jyoti Restaurant

    Best Burger

    • Winner: Five Guys
    • 2nd: Burger Deluxe and Fuddruckers
    • 3rd: Tap House Grill

    Best Sports Bar

    • Winner: Tap House Grill
    • 2nd: Tiff's
    • 3rd: Hooters

      Best Bagels 

      • Winner: Bagel Loops
      • 2nd: Sam's Bagel & Deli
      • 3rd: The Bagel Stop

      Best Bar

      • Winner: Tap House Grill
      • 2nd: Grasshopper Too
      • 3rd: Lakeside Pub

      Best Landscaping Service

      • Winner: A-lawns & Stone
      • 2nd: Brady Landscaping
      • 3rd: Monello Landscaping and Halas Landscaping

      Best Dessert

      • Winner: Carvel
      • 2nd: Red Mango
      • 3rd: Twst'd and The Cheesecake Factory

      Best Frozen Dessert

      • Winner: Carvel
      • 2nd: Curly's
      • 3rd: Red Mango

        Best Dance Studio

        • Winner: Le Danse
        • 2nd: McKenna School of Dance
        • 3rd: Gloria Frances School of Dance & Performing Arts

        Best Nail Salon

        • Winner: Nisha Nails & Spa
        • 2nd: Together Nail & Spa
        • 3rd: Lucky Nail Spa, Nails Spa

        Best Liquor Store

        • Winner: Valley Brooke Bar Wine & Liquors
        • 2nd: Bottle King
        • 3rd: Gary's Wine & Marketplace

        Best Gym

        • Winner: Retro Fitness
        • 2nd: Woman's Way Fitness
        • 3rd: LA Fitness

        Best Jewelry 

        • Winner: John Paul Jewelers
        • 2nd: Massola Jewelers
        • 3rd: The Image Gallery

        Best Spa

        • Winner: Nisha Nails & Spa
        • 2nd: Zen Spa
        • 3rd: Together Nail & Spa, Bliss, Botancia Day Spa, Signature Day Spa, Elements European Day Spa

        Best Bank

        • Winner: Atlantic Stewardship Bank
        • 2nd: TD Bank
        • 3rd: Valley National Bank

          Best Place to Buy Shoes 

          • Winner: DSW Shoes
          • 2nd: Famous Footwear
          • 3rd: Richard's and Foot Locker

          Best Place To Buy Men's Clothes 

          • Winner: Koh's
          • 2nd: Macy's and Burlington Coat Factory
          • 3rd: None

          Best Service Station

          • Winner: Sunoco
          • 2nd: Exxon
          • 3rd: Shell, Lukoil

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