Jul 28, 2014
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Deer Come Knocking at Woodbury Heights Goodwill

One of the animals crashed through the front door of the company's store on Route 45.

The bargains at Goodwill are so good, not even wild animals can resist.

Well, maybe not–but a deer did make a surprise appearance at the Woodbury Heights Goodwill store on Mantua Pike Saturday afternoon.

Video from the store's surveillance system shows the deer streaking across the parking lot after dodging traffic on Mantua Pike; one veers away from the building, but the other goes straight through the front door, smashing out the glass, before skittering across a few aisles toward a back room.

Employees at the store quickly moved everyone out of the building, while store manager Donna Busza coaxed it back out from the rear of the building and toward the front door.

After about a total of three minutes inside the store, the deer popped back outside and scampered across Mantua Pike, just barely dodging a few cars on its way to a wooded area by .

"Thankfully none of our shoppers, donors or employees were hurt," said Goodwill spokeswoman Juli Lundberg.

And despite smashing through the front door and wrecking a glass table in the back of the store, the deer didn't seem to be seriously injured, either.

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