Jul 28, 2014
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16 Heroes Needed!!

16 Heroes Needed!!
Hi all! I am a Commack resident and graduate presently working as a special education teacher in the Bronx. The community has already helped me raise over $2000 to get my students an interactive whiteboard. They are so thrilled! In case you didn't already hear, I teach children with multiple and severe disabilities who are growing up in high poverty areas that we couldn't even imagine raising our children in. They lack familial involvement and the access to supplies they need to be inspired to learn. Please help support my class by donating to our NEW donorschoose.org project! (See link)

We need 16 heroes to donate $25 to my class to help us meet our goal!!!

Thank you in advance! Please also share with your friends/colleagues who may not be residents. My students and I sincerely thank you!

The community has astounded me with their generous donations for my students' interactive whiteboard. Let's do it again for my new project!

Residents can help Fargnoli reach her goal by visiting

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