14 Sep 2014
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Bread Bandit Strike Again, Pre-Teen Fails Driving Test

It was a bad week for pizza deliverymen, bread lovers and 11-year-olds behind the wheel (with mom's permission!) Check out the latest crazy police news from around New Jersey.

Bread Bandit Strike Again, Pre-Teen Fails Driving Test

Each week, Patch combs through the more shocking, surprising and often absurd alleged criminal acts and police-related incidents that unfold throughout New Jersey. Here’s what went on this week for “OMGs from NJ PD.”

And the Parent of the Year Award Goes To… A Manalapan mom learned the shocking (shocking!) result of letting your 11 year old get behind the wheel of a car—. The parental common sense kept right on chugging, as the mom reportedly switched seats with her daughter and sped away from scene. But not fast enough, as an eyewitness took down the license plate info.

He Kneads the Dough: Talk about carbo-loading. Clark’s Bistro 1051 is fighting a doughy man . The bandit has been caught on camera twice and the bistro has seen its bread delivery disappear four times in all. May we suggest the Atkins diet?

Caught Red(Sauce)-Handed: It’s always an easier case when you find the suspects with the evidence, or in this case, . Four boys in Gloucester Township reportedly robbed a pizza deliveryman of pies before fleeing and without having the sense to eat indoors. Surprisingly, destroying evidence wasn’t among the charges.

I Fall to Pieces—Or My Gun Does: Deptford’s Ryan N. Moore, 20, could have the next five years to think about his robbery weapon of choice when he tried to hold up a pizza delivery guy. Moore brandished a plastic toy gun, . Moore must have realized how this would sound to a jury because he pleaded guilty and now faces five years in the clink.

Fashion Don’t: Did you ever really want a hat you just couldn’t have? Timothy Blewitt, 20, of Lincoln Park, knows the feeling, Morristown Police say. and took off, sparking a foot chase that ended in a tackle and the officer repossessing his hat. Oh, and several charges for Blewitt.

Defecating Delinquency: A little tip from your friends at Patch. No matter what you’re arrested for, is just going to make it worse. Atlantic City’s Rahmir Bethea, 22, didn’t get the memo, Galloway Police say. After he was one of five suspects arrested for stealing a car, Bethea allegedly made his displeasure odorously known.

Cops Ruin Big Night Planned: Jonathan Hernandez and Michael Barrera, both 18 and of North Plainfield, seemingly had a wild evening planned. But all of that came to an end when they were arrested for allegedly trying to steal . Do you think their one phone call was to their dates to cancel?

I Could’ve Sworn There Was an Accident: Bloomingdale officers rushed to the scene of a hit-and-run . Instead, there was Rick Schumacher, who was reportedly packing marijuana and somehow thought it was a good idea to draw cops to him with the fake accident report. That must have been some really good stuff.

Liquid Courage: Ah, the old driving drunk to the police station. Richard Dickau of Montville was clearly very upset by a letter he received in the mail. So upset that police say he downed some booze . Dickau had plenty of time to discuss the offending letter after he was arrested on the spot.

Graduation Grinch: Someone must not want to say goodbye to the Class of 2012 in Moorestown. Pranksters swiped sold to raise money for Project Graduation. Even a town councilwoman’s home was hit by the commencement crook.

Tree House of Horrors: We’ll just let the headline speak for itself —“Police: Pair Robbed at Gunpoint in Tree House.”

Grandma’s Boy, He Ain’t: It’s never nice to steal, but taking money from your grandmom? That’s low. Gerald D. Matthews Jr., 23, of Butler, reportedly stole and cashed more than $500 worth of checks from his grandmother. A grandmom’s love and checkbook only go so far, it seems, because Matthews was unable to post $60,000 in bail.

Animal Magnetism: Let’s end on a happy note with some great photos. Lawrence Township police officers took time for the animal kingdom in recent days, first by rescuing some ducklings from a storm drain, then by rescuing a family from a snake. OK, that second part is a little overly dramatic, but kudos to Lawrence Township officers for their care of all creatures.

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