15 Sep 2014
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Eagle Scout Candidates Announce Project Plans

Brendan Law and Aidan Hughes spoke of plans to beautify and enhance parts of Westfield.

Eagle Scout Candidates Announce Project Plans

Eagle Scout candidates Brendaw Law and Aidan Hughes, both members of Troop 72, presented their plans for their upcoming Eagle Scout projects at the Westfield Town Conference meeting Tuesday evening.

Law spoke first and told the Council that he plans to "beautify and enhance" the corner of North and Dudley Avenues by creating a sitting area.

"I will lead a group of scouts and adults to help complete my project during the spring," said Law, who noted that he hopes to make it a welcoming and useful place for those who walk by or travel into Westfield from surrounding areas.

Town Administrator Jim Gildea said the area serves as a gateway into town and agreed that Law's project would enhance the area.

During his presentation, Law, a junior in high school, said he will add a standard Iron Valley bench, which is consistent with the style of other benches that have been installed in Westfield recently. He also plans to plant two shrubs that will flank the bench, which will sit on a base of concrete that connects to walkways on both sides. 

The area is currently maintained by the Town of Westfield and Law said he wanted to design something that was as low-maintenance as possible. 

When asked by Councilman David Haas how he intends to fund the project, Law said he will seek the support of local businesses including Westfield Lumber to contribute monetarily or donate materials. 

Hughes, a senior, has chosen the site of the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. memorial for his project. The Eagle Scout candidate intends to add two Iron Valley-style benches, a two-to-three-foot brick wall, and shrubbery to the area to enhance the site and make it a place where those who wish to engage in quiet reflection can do so.

"Hopefully more people will realize it's there," said Hughes. 

Because PS&G abuts the memorial, Hughes said he plans to build the two-three foot brick wall to offer some enclosure to the site. He then hopes to plant small bushes behind the wall. 

Councilwoman Vicki Kimmins said she thinks the plans are "wonderful," especially in light of the fact that each January the annual Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day march commences at the site. 

"The area could use a little dressing up," she said.

Gildea said he has been in touch with the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Association of Westfield and noted that members were "very excited" about Hughes' project. 

Hughes said the total cost is estimated to be between $5,000 and $6,000. He said he will pursue donations to help fund it. He hopes to have the project completed by December, he added. 

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