Jul 28, 2014
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Opinion: It's Open Season On Westfield Residents By Parking Lords

Opinion: It's Open Season On Westfield Residents By Parking Lords

An open letter to Mayor Skibitsky and the Westfield Traffic Department by Mitch Slayer, 23 year Westfield resident :

It's time to treat Westfield taxpayers and residents with respect. The Parking situation and the constant ticketing have gotten out of control. It is almost like it is "open season" on those that want to support our local businesses and eateries. Though I understand the need to having parking violations the bigger issue is how to treat those that live in Westfield in a more fair and reasonable manner.

One simple solution I put forward is to have residents pay an annual Parking Fee of around $50.00 a year and in return be given immunity from Parking Tickets. Give each resident that chooses to pay the fee a Sticker giving them a "Free Pass for Westfield" and the ability to park anywhere in town that is a legal spot.

I understand the train station might be off limits and obviously handicapped or no parking zones. But for the remainder of the downtown area- show some love for those that pay our high property taxes instead of treating them as common criminals. Enough is enough already. I look forward to hearing from our elected officials on this idea.

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